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George Foreman Breakfast Sandwiches by Brett

Not much of a hack, just misusing or abusing, whichever you prefer. Tipping one of these things up gives you all kinds of options. Like keeping all that fatty flavor right where it belongs.

11-16-06 001

A little bacon.

11-16-06 003

A little Eggs.

11-16-06 005

Add some cheese and…

11-16-06 006

Time for Breakfast!

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Bluetooth Handset, Just like Ma’ used to have by Brett

11-05-06 041

Perhaps taking an old mouse and integrating it into a new Bluetooth mouse isn’t your style. No, you’d rather take an old phone and integrate it into a new Bluetooth phone. This article is for you my friend.

11-05-06 010

The concept is simple, grab a Bluetooth thingie and cram it into a handset jobbie. The execution, well, that’ll require a bit more dedication and skill. For mine, I used a Motorola Bluetooth speakerphone, because it was generously donated to me by an avid reader.

11-05-06 014

Once I was sure everything could fit, I grabbed various switches from old computer cases. Since I wouldn’t be able to push the buttons mounted on the circuit board inside on the phone I would need a power, call, volume up and volume down buttons, plus a USB recharge port. Next, I drilled holes to mount them in the handset and glued them in place. I converted the existing hole for the handset cord into my USB port.

11-05-06 023

Now, I have to warn you, you’ll need a steady hand to solder everything on to these little surface mount boards. Everything that had to be mounted in the other cup, had to have the wires cut, extended, run to the other side of the phone, and reattached. The battery was moved too, just not enough room in the bottom cup.

11-05-06 038

I opted to keep the cotton wadding installed between the cups, In fact, I even added some foam to help sound quality. Velcro was used to keep the microphone in place while screwing the cover on and off, but still allowing it to be adjusted or removed. I also drilled an additional hole in the circuit board end and filled it with hot glue. This allowed the LED indicator light to be seen.

11-05-06 033

This thing is tons-o-fun. It gets a double take wherever it is taken. Confuse the hell out of everyone and make one today!

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