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OBS Intake Boot Replacement by William


rrintake_0002The 94-97 Ford Powerstroke 7.3 diesels have an issue with the Orange Intake Boot on the turbo rotting away due to it being susceptible to oil causing the rubber to break down. This can happen with many rubbers. Fear not though, this new product from RiffRaff Diesel Performance will eliminate that and look fashionably good as well! I was excited to open my box and got some goodies along with my boot!


Here is our stash of goodies in the box. Some more business cards (I was out again), a embroidered can cozy and a new RiffRaff Diesel Decal!!


Here you can see the original in the truck. I have duct tape on mine as well as another fix I have performed 2 times.


Cold here in Michigan. That is frost on my motor.  I got the boot out the easy way, not that I was worried about damaging it.


Here are some better shots of the boot out of the truck with the tape still on it. Clicking on the pictures will load a 1280x1024 resolution picture.


You can see I used RTV 2 different times to seal it up. It rips anyways even with the tape. It’s a great quick fix, but it only lasts a while due to the heat. We don’t have to worry about that any with our replacement, it’s rated to 550 Degrees.


Here we stack it up with the original. That new Aramid/Nomex boot looks amazing!


The inside of the old boot is textured, and the new one is smooth. No idea if this would really make any difference on air flow.


This is a direct replacement for the factory boot which if you do find it (138$), is very expensive. Its got a sweet RiffRaff Diesel Performance tag on it as well so everyone can see where you got this awesome boot from.


I removed the rest of the intake pieces and used some Silicone grease to lube up the new boot. Since it is an intake boot, you don’t have to worry about blowing it off due to pressure. This will help fit the boot easier and adjustments will be easier. This boot fits very snug when you get it on. No worries about it leaking.


I installed the boot and put on the whatever you would call it part it clamps too. As you can see it doesn’t line up quite right yet.


I adjusted the boot till it lined up easily with the bracket.


After that I bolted it into place and twisted the boot till everything lined up correctly with the flanges.


I tightened the clamps up and admired the new look. You can see the RiffRaff 45 that is powder coated for the 6637 as well. They go great together!

rrintake_0029Not many tools required to do this. 1/2 inch wrench to get the intake coupler off, and 8mm driver for the hose clamps. Silicone Grease was not necessary, but something I do.

Pick your own intake replacement boot at RiffRaff Diesel Performance. They are $49.66 plus shipping. If you found the product here though our website, be sure to tell Clay where you found out!

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