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FREE Midnight Mods Stickers! by Brett

That’s right! Free stickers to finish off any project the right way. We have received so many great comments from people just like you over the past few years about the projects and info on our site that we wanted to provide you with something to stick on all the jobs well done.

Midnight Mods "Warranty Void" Chrome Sticker

Sticker Stock:


  • Available (but going fast) - First edition “Warranty Voided” sticker. Black with shiny chrome letters printed with UV ink for outdoor use (3+ years). Has the tag line “by midnightmods.com” 4.25” x 1.38”


  • Available - Second edition “Warranty Voided” sticker. Black with white letters printed with UV ink for outdoor use (3+ years). Has the tag line “midnightmods.com” 4.25” x 1.38”

Our stickers compliment any completed project. By placing it on your stuff it shows you’re the type of person who isn't afraid to crack open that case and get intimate with your tech gear. It proudly declares, “I MOD, THEREFORE I AM (a geek)”. We’ll send you a couple if supplies permit, because they look great on the back of LCD monitors, laptops, bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, printers, and just about anything else with an available flat surface. Upload some pictures to Picasaweb, Flickr, or even imageshack when you stick ‘em up and share the link, we’d love to see where they end up!

The stickers are absolutely free; we paid for them out of pocket, but we do ask you to pay 80 cents for the stamp, envelope, and Paypal fees (you can optionally make a donation during checkout too, but we won’t love you any less if you don’t :-). It’s actually cheaper and faster than an SASE program, plus- no stamp licking involved! United States addresses only please, since it will be sent first class. We heart Canada and would love to send you stickers, but you’ll have to “donate” an extra dollar to cover the international postage. Just click the “Pay Now” button below to get started.

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El Cheapo Modalot said...

They look niiIiice!

Stickers and $1 Donation enough to ship to Canada then ?

Item total: $1.36
Shipping and handling: $0.44
Total: $1.80 USD

Brett said...

@El Cheapo Modalot

Looks like it should be. I'm willing to try it if you are! :-)

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