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Quick and Dirty Internal USB Jumper Cable by Brett

12-29-2004 021I’ve never been a fan of those internal USB cables that run out a hole in the back of a case just to take up one of your precious external root hub ports- especially when there are plenty internal headers to go around! Perhaps you are in urgent need of a replacement cable or just happen to be modding something and need USB connectivity. Whatever your case, the answer is simple, because I know you have TONS of those optical drive audio cables around. You’ll need three of the cheap ones that have four holes (key hole must be open, not covered or filled) and without the key clips that snap them into the drive. Just use a thin file or small screwdriver to lift up on the individual connector clips and remove all the wires from both ends of one cable. Then, use two of those wires to fill in the missing wire from two other cables (make sure to connect the same colored wires to the same cable at both ends. Pictured example: Cable ‘A’ gets red on both ends, ‘B’ gets white, and that leaves black free.) That’s it! You should see a cable similar to the one pictured and if you are really pro- you’ll have that nice optional grounding pin. Just put two from the same end on top of each other and you have a 8 pin cable ready to go. Remember, you have no key pin to rely on here and polarity matters, so pick wire color to face ground (the key pin where our black cable will go, outside white in my cable here) and stick with it.


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