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Printer Truck by William

I had some problems with the cab corners on my truck kinda rotting out. So I fixed them the way any snap tie user would, with snap ties!!!! I thought this was a great mod to my truck a while back. It got some good laughs. The problem was that the ties would get brittle and break after a while. This is one of the initial times that I did it. It changed a few times after this.


I was just full of ideas yesterday, so in the middle of though of fixing a hole in the bed of my truck, uhhh, which for some reason the picture I took is missing. Anyways, I had a hole in the top of the fender of my truck. Some water came though or dirt getting stuff in the bed dirty every now and then. It was just a small crack in a strange place. I took part of a printer I had sitting around and made a piece to fit and then sheet metal screwed it in. It worked so great I got the idea to fix one of the cab corners the same way!


I guess I should have rotated that picture. You get the idea. This one was simple. I screwed it into the rocker panel and bent it into place with the ball-pien hammer. I could be spelling pien wrong there. Oh Well. This worked great! I was happy with the results and the door closes so nice now! no more wiggling around. I was so ecstatic about this, that I decided to tackle the other side.

ccrpr_002 ccrpr_000

I had to put an L-style bracket under the rocker panel on this side because it was getting fairly rotted out. Then the cab corner on this side was much more rotted as well, so I had to get creative and bend the metal a bit and do some cutting. I ended up using 2 pieces on this side as you can see the perforated piece on the top. I just used the ball-pien hammer and the dirt to bend it around and a pair of channel locks. Having a good set of tin snips was essential to this project. Thank god for my nice high quality wiss snips. Those things are awesome!! Price tag was awesome too when I bought them. You gotta have good tools though! I went a little crazy on the screws, but that is alright. It will hold in there good. This side is so much more stable now, and the door shuts better as well!


The best part? You cannot even tell it’s there! Off to the hardware to get a can of black spray paint!!


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