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Old Stereo Equipment by William


Every workbench needs some tunes. But you ask, “my good stereo is inside, but I want some kickin tunes out side as well!” Fear not, and use some imagination! I got sick of listening to the neighbors with their cheep 20 dollar stereo on maximum and their crappy music, so I busted out the Marantz 1060!
Here are some reviews for you to get an idea about this old classic.

Link 1 Link 2

The 1060 is an older style amp with some unique features which even I do not take advantage of. Large style mono phone jacks for microphone amplification, well, my guitar fits in there too! Listen to that neighbors! As the one link mentioned about the volume knob going glitchy, mine has that issue. However, it still breads much power when you get past the hiccup.

Before I send it to the amp, I’m processing though some other old stuff, namely this 5 channel mixer. A Technics SH-8015. With the array of speakers that I have attached to the 1060, this helps tremendously. There are some pass filters on here as well, but in the end, the sound comes out pretty decent with the speaker setup.

I know you are probably asking now, “what about the 5100!?” Well, unfortunately, I do not have an antenna for the 5100, and do not want to make a crappy makeshift one and screw it up. This 5100 head works great still, and I cannot wait to use it again, but for now, it’s holding up the 1060 and the Technics.


The Speakers are just some JBL Satellite speakers for a 5.1 surround sound system. I got the center channel bridged over both the left and the right, and then a left and a right for the other 2. The small speakers are Boston computer speakers. They have a really high side to them, which evens out the middle and lows of the JBL’s. In the back is a LanMan Special (Brett’s handy work) An old, I don’t even remember the brand, 3 or 4 inch sub, which has been sealed and only left to use the port. Baby does that thing hit hard for its size. The sub powers the Boston speakers, so they are hard to volume match the JBL’s but it is not impossible. I wish I could get some more bass from the sub, but then the Boston’s get to loud. It is still plenty loud to rattle the barn steel.

To kick it all off for some fun. I wired an inverter into the Caution light in the back corner there, and hooked up the laser light show and mounted it to the 6x4. Pretty kickin in the evening when your out sittin and sipping a Barley Pop and chattin to some tunes.

Old stereo equipment is always really handy, so Never throw it out.


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