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Ceiva 7-Inch Photo Frame by William

Ceiva_003 Over at families here on vacation I made mention of wanting a photo frame, and they busted out this Promo Edition – Ceiva Photo Frame. This photo frame is for the desks of the people at the dealership and came loaded with some pictures for selling cars and uplifting salesmen while the customers sat at their desk. I quickly deleted the pictures moving to figure out how to load things into memory.


Booting up! Nothing really to fancy. Lets get a look around the device before we get to busy talking about it.

Ceiva_001 Ceiva_008

I threw in my SD card I had with me, because of reasons I’ll explain soon. I’m not quite sure why there is an USB out on this device, because when you plug the device into the computer, it doesn’t even recognize it. Unless its for plugging your camera into, which I did not try. The Multiport USB/Phone port is for updating from the Ceiva servers where they send pretty pictures on a schedule set in the menus. Power, SD and compact flash are your other options. This unit, I should add, also comes with Wireless! Which I had no luck finding it on the network as well.

Ceiva_009It has a really simple menu system, and not as many options as a guy like I would like, but they work. You can set your sync  options with the Ceiva servers, slideshow rate, and there are 2 different slide show picture slide styles. You can also set it to display only updated pictures, and some other few settings. Deleting photo’s is very tough, took me a good 8 minutes to delete the default pictures. I couldn’t delete all, or view what images were stored on the device. This was a big downer for me. Before we get into more complains, lets move on to the buttons.


The buttons on here are very simple. However you can tell this is a cheaper device. The buttons feel okay, but lack a lot of desire from good pressing on the device. The down button doesn’t have any action, so it is very hard to press.  Now! On to the nitty gritty! Ceiva_000

I quickly found out that you cannot connect  to this device at all. There has to be a way, but it sure is not easily available. The computer did not recognize the device when it was plugged in. No software also came with this device. Only a power cord and a telephone cord. Seeing as this is not my photo frame, I did not proceed with hacking it to my pleasures. With no access to the memory, I plugged in my SD card with some pictures from my shearing trips. You can see Gail here, a Border Collie from a sheep farm I sheer at. After I got this working, it really is not a bad photo frame. However, with the next 3 pictures here, you can see the quality of how well this frame works.


Ceiva_006 Ceiva_007

  You can see its really bad with dark areas. If you click on the picture, you can see that the screen is not very high quality. The pictures look good from a distance, but the colors are still off. The only color options this has is a brightness setting.

The pictures have to be on the root folder for the chips. It does not recognize folders. There are no picture management menus for the device either. I am really enjoying the device setting on the counter, however, not being able to program the device much has left it lacking for me.  If you can find one of these for under 20 dollars and it’s for somebody who doesn’t know much going on with computers, it would work and be a good gift. For yourself though, I would avoid this product unless it’s for the workshop, or you just need something quick and easy. The device recognizes the cards easily, and starts the slideshow with a press of the select button.

I rate this product a 1.5 out of 5. It is not a bad device, however, I know not the history on how old it is, and have not looked it up. Which allows me to give a good review without any outside influence. For the time this device probably came out, it was fairly decent for the price, but now photo frames are far more high tech compared to this one. The wireless feature is the most amazing part of it, however I could not get it to connect to the network.

Due to some Issues with this review. I have removed the promo company name. I don’t want any Ill to become of those who have this item. I’m sure there would be no issues with it, but that was their concern and I am abiding by that.

Also, due to some issues regarding the frame, and comments from CEIVA, I had to annotate their post, due to the reference of the frame. I reviewed the item AS IS, without any bias opinion. I reviewed it to the best of my knowledge comparing it to products from the time frame it came in. The screen did not seem the quality that it should be to me. Reminded me of a 90’s laptop screen.

The uploading service is not a bad thing. It is a great idea, but as a photographer, I have no use of looking at the pictures they provide me, even with a free 3 month trial membership, which comes with the box, but they also offered me, the person who doesn’t own the device.  I greatly appreciate your quick responses CEIVA and I am sorry you felt offended. If you want a fair review of an UP TO DATE photo frame, contact me and I’ll send you my address so you can mail me something more up to date.


Anonymous said...

You'll want to contact CEIVA Customer Care toll-free at 1-877-692-3482. They are terrific and will be able to help you out.

William said...

Looks like a CEIVA Customer Care rep has responded. hehe. Neat-O!

I really have no reason to contact customer care. It works well the way I have it setup. No reason to use the update for pictures, so having it connect to the network is not a big deal.
Besides, a manual setup of the wireless did not allow any connection to it on the network.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
William said...

I greatly respect your quick response, but I had to delete it due to the concern of the people who have the device in their possession now. They were worried about the Promo Company having issues with it.

I did not review this device comparing it to the promo company standards, only to the standards of my assumed time of the devices manufacturing.

I have updated my review of it to express the other concerns.
It is NOT a bad device, it just does not meet my expectations.
In the environment that this device targeted, the device will work PERFECT. No muss or fuss, the device would auto update every night with the latest promo stuff for the company.

I understand what is going on there. But, I did not review this device in this regard, but as for its home use, which is what is displayed on the box.

The device could have better access tools for advanced users such as Brett or I, who want to trick it out. Not everyone is capable of this and we understand. Your concerns are all noted. And thanks for the 3 month free offering, but like I said in the review, this is NOT my device, nor do they have any interest in the update program. Just they want to display family images with it.

William said...

I have annotated the following to allow Joe's comment to stand on the sight, just removing the said companies name.


Hi William,

I see you wrote a “NEW” review on a nearly 2 year old "promotional" frame we provided Said Company. You may not realize it but you actually have an earlier version of an entry level CEIVA frame. And while it happens to be “entry level” you might be surprised to learn that it still is pretty special.

What makes CEIVA frames unique and considered a premium product in the digital frame industry, much like said company’ are to the said industry, is the fact that our frames are not just another “card reader” frame. CEIVA frames can also have pictures sent directly INto them and shared among them.

With CEIVA you need NOT first load pictures onto a memory card. This makes keeping a frame “stocked” with new pictures very easy. It also is a great feature if you have friends or family members who would like to send their pictures to you. Your CEIVA FRAME can receive pictures sent to it from anyone, no matter if they are sending from across the street, across the country or across the world.

For nearly a decade we have making digital frames, and in that time we have learned a TON about frames, people and their pictures. Most importantly we have learned that SENDING and SHARING pictures is a cherished function to frame owners. AND as time goes on… mark my words… more and more people, who have frames loaded with pictures, will want to easily send them back and forth to friends and family too. And while most frames in the market canNOT do this, you happen to have a frame that CAN… in fact ONLY CEIVA frames can share pictures the way we do.

So… if you are going to review our product I thought you might like to REALLY review it for all that it is and what makes it a “Said company of frames”. Therefore, we would like to extend to you a FREE PicturePlan membership for 3 months.

Now, don’t get me wrong this is NOT our top of the line Said Company model, it is our C-Class entry model… and a 2 year old version one at that. BUT, never-the-less with this FREE PicturePlan you will be able to fully test drive the CEIVA for what it is.

If you are interested in 3 FREE months of CEIVA’s PicturePlan service… just email me at ceivajoe@ceiva.com and we can make arrangements

Oh, and as for the comment left by Anonymous… I cannot say for certain that came from one of our Customer Care techs. But if it did… isn’t it good to know that a company is willing to proactively reach out to a customer in distress? We are COMMITTED to providing a premium level of service to all our frame owners so that they can fully experience all that CEIVA offers and fully enjoy their cherished photos.



William said...

And yes, reading your message again, joe, The upload feature is great from you guys. But, A guy like me has no interest in such a thing. Specially at my home, no land line, or direct line internet. I use my phone for my internet, and have no way to update this product.

I reviewed the device for what I thought it was. I have no clue it's a lower grade model. The box does not say so.
I tried to write this review without any outside stimulus, which is what happened. I looked up no websights, no reviews, or any information before reviewing this product. This information I have put forth is simply my opinion.

Like I said before. If you want a review on an up to date product from me, then send me one. I'll be happy to review it.

Anything else I review I generally have to purchase, this takes quite a bit of money and time. I took this opportunity to review an item I set up for a customer.

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