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Home Made Stromboli Just Sounded So Good by Brett

I was flipping through some old posts and found the Midnight Mods meetings, complete with traditional Stromboli. I thought to myself, “It’s been far too long!” I had a craving and there was only one way to satisfy it.


Although no physical meeting took place- a delicious Midnight Mods Stromboli was created tonight and it only took two trips to the store. The first dough wasn’t useable and a complaint has been filed to the ‘Doughboy’. I really have to learn how to make my own! I also had to pick up a pan, since I didn’t bring one with me to the new place.


I also realized I didn’t have a can opener about halfway into making dinner- Not to worry! As a member of MM, I had the right a tool to get the job done somewhere.

CIMG1608  CIMG1609

Now to program this blank dough into something tasty. I coded tossed in some mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, some more cheese, honey ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, more cheese, pepperoni, and cheese. I set oven to compile 425f and debugged covered the thing with garlic powder.


The result? Delicious! 4/4 Pepperoni (note to self, start argument with random people about singular / plural form of peperone / pepperoni for on the spot fun.)


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