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ICP Resistor Mod – Version 1 by William

icprstrv1_1200This is a modification I cannot take credit for originally, but my version of the mod. What we are doing here is tricking the computer into sending more oil pressure to the HEUI injectors of the truck. This will give us more horse power. If you don’t believe this will work, it has been tested on a Dyno. Test Results. Different combinations produce different results. The general is 14.7K, which is what I decided to go for.


We start out with some resistors. We are going to hook them up in series for 14.7 ohms. There are a few different methods to put them on the truck using crimpers and bayonet clips and such. We are going a different route for version 1.

icprstrv1_1202 icprstrv1_1201

I am using a terminal block to do this mod. This will get rid of any bad connections, electrical tape and look good and be easy to change things out, or disable the mod.

icprstrv1_1204 icprstrv1_1205

I bent the resistor leads to make sure there was more contact for the terminals. The block is only strait though with 2 holes in between the 3 blocks to screw it down if you wanted too. Now that we are all setup, lets go get the truck ready.

icprstrv1_1206 icprstrv1_1207

Located the wire, and unplugged it to make it easier to work on. I also pulled off the protective covering to give me more room to work on the wires and get the strippers in there. With the connector unplugged, it also makes it harder to damage the wires by pulling them out of the terminal.

icprstrv1_1209 icprstrv1_1208

I soldered the leads to make them hold better and reduce fatigue from the screw down. Then I checked the resistance on the unit. Not quite 14.7, but close enough.

icprstrv1_1210 icprstrv1_1211

I screwed the wires into the terminal, then fired it up. It ran better, so I put some covers on the wires and shut the hood. Better throttle response, better idle, and no fall out at higher RPM’s. This is a simple easy to do mod. Remember, this is version 1. Stay tuned for version 2. Hand etched board with choices.

I, nor anyone, without prejudice, but you is responsible if this damages your vehicle.


Brett said...

Will this work on a 2000 Chevy Blazer? :-P

William said...

Do you have HEUI Injectors?

My gosh. Really, a capha to post a comment with a signed in account... Really ?

Brett said...

Maybe in the glove compartment. I got all kinds of stuff in there.

Unknown said...

Version 2??......

William said...

Apparently the comment didn't post, great. Anyways, Version 2 never came about because I got a chip sooner than I thought which makes this mod obsolete. Version 2 of the mod was going to be an etched board with a few switches of some sort to dial in the resistance. I've seen guys use potentiometers to do it, but if you have ever tested one with an ohm meter, they are not super accurate unless you buy an expensive one. This mod is a good way to get a bit more umpfh out of your truck without buying a chip, but is no replacement for a chip, or should it be stacked with a chip.

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