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Show us your Desk! by Brett

You think your desk is bad? Show us what you got! At home, at work, doesn’t matter- we want pictures. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Dig out your camera (hint: it’s probably buried in your desk somewhere.)
  2. Put www.midnightmods.com on your screen so we know it’s actually your desk and not just something you found on Google images. (cheater!)
  3. Snap some good photos (you might need to use flash if you have the jitters.)
  4. Upload them somewhere online. twitpic, Flickr, 2PAD, ImageShack, and Google’s Picasa Web Albums are some of our favorites. (optionally you can just email them to comments[at@]midnightmods.com if you’d like)
  5. Post links to your pictures along with a brief description of what we are looking at (home, work / dungeon) in the comments section. We will go through and add them to the page if they are worthy.

That’s it!

If the pictures end up being good enough, we might even award prizes. I’m sure there is some MM giveaway stuff on my desk somewhere… I just have to find it :-)



This one is my home desk. It’s been neglected for about 6 months straight.


Here is one of my desks at work. Seems to be growing at a steady rate.


I’m sure Bill won’t mind if I take this… I played with your Rubik's Cube, hope you know how to put it back how it was :-)


“Does this count? It' isn’t that messy yet. I just moved.” 
- Carl, Michigan


I count about 14-1/2 XBOX’s in this anonymously submitted desk / workbench picture. Good to see SpinRite at work!


“….Arizona Sweet Tea cans! I'm saving them to use as siding for the space shuttle I'm building in my back yard.” - Ricardo


William said...

I'm glad I know how to put the cube back together.

Anonymous said...

Nice red candles, William.

Ricardo Gatez said...

You can usually tell it's my desk by the plethora of Arizona Sweet Tea cans! Don't judge me! I'm saving them to use as siding for the space shuttle I'm buidling in my back yard.

Unknown said...

tanks guys !! now i'm less shy when i look at my own desk :P ... my pic will follow one day are an other.....

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