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Genius GM-6 Phone Holder by Brett

I had an old Genius GM-6 mouse and holder sitting around, just waiting to be useful again. It wasn’t the mouse though that got all the attention this time, it was the holder.


For months, I had been wanting a phone holster in my car that would allow quick access and high visibility when using GPS software. The phone fit in the mouse holder and that was all the convincing I needed. A little time with a small handsaw and some files and it was perfect. There was enough room to add some Velcro (loop side) to the inside, making the fit perfect and keeping the phone quietly in place (slides in like butter baby!).


How does it work you ask? Well, I couldn’t be happier. It’s solid enough I can tap away or even take my corners on two wheels (as I normally do) without it sliding around, as it had done previously in the original holder that sat on the dash. The positioning is perfect for me too. Not in the way, not hard to see- just right. Ah, the great feeling you get when things just work.


Silly Blackberry, you are far from Genius; you’ll never fit in.


William said...

Yea, the docking station on the dash was always funny to watch slide around when we were doing doughnuts!

Now we can successfully map doughnuts all over the place without loosing the phone!

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