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Review for catalog? by William

So, as you should all know by now, I am a sheep shearer and a G.E.E.K.
I have a lot of mechanical type projects while Brett has some more electronics projects. Don’t let that fool you. We both do electrical stuff. I just play with bigger tools mostly, like 100 HP tractors and 12foot hay bines. Anyways, a shearing distributor has no catalog, so I’m working one up for him.
Thanks to the new printer here Brett found, Samsung CLP-315 Series, a full color catalog is going to be possible, and I shall later post it up on here.




This is a review of the CLP 315 series.
Thought I’d get a bit tricky with the title, seeing as the printer was bought for the purpose of making this catalog. But wow! does this thing rock. Full color pages, no problem, and decent quality!!!! Not like photo printer quality, come on now! Get real, this is a 180 dollar color laser printer that fits on your desk. So stop looking away if you’ve read about how poor the picture quality is from those people who really don’t know. For 180 dollars, this printer prints EXCELENT quality, full page, pictures. Good enough that people have already hung my photo’s on their wall printed from this printer. They were just printouts to show them the photo’s so I could find out which ones they wanted printed on a photo printer. They just took these!

Yea, in the other reviews, there are reports of the printer smoking.
Mine did not smoke. Maybe I was lucky. The thing to remember here is, this is a laser printer. You take an ionized plastic and magnetically attract it onto a paper, then burn it at 300+ Fahrenheit. Of course it will smoke!!!!!! Duh.
People need to learn about printers a bit before they freak out.

The packaging this printer comes in is great! My box was dropped. There was absolutely no damage to my printer whatsoever. The foam inside protected it as designed. I never noticed the box till I noticed the foam had broke due to absorbing an impact.

Not only is it packaged well, but this printer is also sleek looking. It’s so shiny, you’ll have to keep windex on your desk to keep it looking good. Or leave the plastic on the shiny parts like I did. haha. Be sure to check your hair on your printer before work!

For 180 dollars, this printer was delivered to my door in 3 days. Thank you Un-Named company. My eggs are always safe with you.
On a 5 star scale, I’m giving this a 4 out of 5. The only reason it gets a 4 is because the paper tray lacks a manual feed area, and its really flimsy compared to the rest of the printer.


Brett said...

Smoking can also be caused by damp paper / high humidity. Water hits that fuser and you got a steamer.

William said...

We should get a few and throw wet paper though to make a sauna. =)

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