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SEIDIO Spring Clip for Sprint Touch Pro by William

Recently I purchased a Touch Pro for Sprint PCS but that is another review. Here we are going to go over the SEIDIO Touch Pro Spring Clip.

DPP_0001 DPP_0003

This is a very well packaged product. You don’t even have to cut the package open! That’s the great part. The back just pops off with a note inside and the card you see in the window.


It’s just instructions on how to use it. In case, well. We wont go there. Uhm. The sticker peels off very easily off the felt. There is felt on the whole inside of the clip where the face and the buttons would touch the clip. I was very worried about how this would be before I received the clip. I was thinking I might have to rig something up to keep my faceplate safe. The rest of the clip has a rubberized like coating on the outside of it which makes it really sleek and smooth. You don’t have to worry about it damaging the paint on your TP at all!

DPP_0006 DPP_0007

This item was terribly hard to take pictures of, but I wanted to take pictures quickly before I used it. You can see in the picture on the left there is a rubber part on the spring clip itself where it touches your phone! This was a great idea, and it works. The phone just sets down in the bottom and you push it into the clip and it snaps in. Wonderful! The spring is actually 2 springs on the clip, and they are pretty stiff springs. I wouldn’t worry about loosing my TP to easily. If something managed to get a hold of the spring clip enough to open it for the TP to come out, I’m sure you would notice. I pull my coat over mine when I’m not using the phone, but simply slide up my coat when I need to get to my phone and it has not let my TP fall to its demise yet.


You can see the back of the clip is a standard type belt clip with swivel. I’m not big on swiveling, but for somebody who is, it’s really stiff. I usually end up gluing my spring clips so they wont swivel, but only after they have loosened up. The clip stays firm on my belt, which is why I purchased it. I cannot stand other clips or pouches without something that will grab on the bottom of my belt to keep it from sliding off accidently. The stock TP case is really good at this. I would have rather received the sleeve the Diamond or other TP’s got. I even think it would fit in this case with that on here.

DPP_0012 DPP_0011

My picture skills apparently took a kaputs. The other 2 photo’s I have of the TP in the clip are fuzzy and embarrassing. You can see here that the TP fits snugly into the clip and the rubber piece is well at work holding your phone in securely. I put the phone in and attempted to pull the phone out. I was unable to do it, but then, I was trying not to break the clip either. You can also see that the clip protects the screen much better then any other case would, because it’s hard plastic protecting the screen, not a piece of fabric or leather that has give.

Overall I’m very Pleased with this product. Out of 5, I’m giving it 5. It exceeded my expectations, and it is part of my daily beltline kit.


Anonymous said...

What comprises the rest of the geekbelt?

William said...

Geekbelt? ha ha ha
Kit my man, no geek belt. I'm not a superhero.
1 to 3 Leathermans, depending on what I'm doing, and sometimes a flashlight.
I Carry a charge TI and sometimes I carry my Wave and my Original with me.

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