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Wool Boxer - Preview by William


This is a project that has always interested me.
Back … oh thousands of … days. Days. Yes, Days. Earlier in the century they “baled” wool. You used this table looking thing to do it. As a shearer, I figured it would be neat part of my arsenal to have a boxer available. To enter fleeces into shows, you need to “bale” the wool with a boxer and paper twine. Tada! Something more to charge people for.
Well, there is one problem, this one isn’t mine. This one is a relic! So I took many measurements with the tape measure and the camera and plan to reproduce 2 of these units.IMG_1843IMG_1844








This is one of many of my winter wood working projects. Yes, it’s not really a mod, but its history. Well, I love history. I simply have no high tech projects at this moment. So we must trudge on!
Yes, earlier I mentioned building 2 of these. One is for the current owner of this one pictured, so it can be retired. You can see all the gashes in the wood on all 4 corners where twine has been cut thousands upon thousands of times. (yes, for real, thousands)

If you like woodworking, look forward to my grinding box and shearing box project. I also have a metalworking project for my shearing stand, and my stand machine that will eventually be done. My mockups made of wood currently are fulfilling their purpose, so I am not so hasty to retire them yet, even though they are mockups.


Anonymous said...

Bale bale bale !

William said...

Thanks, spell check doesn't fix stupidity. haha.

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