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How to Force Skype to use ‘High Quality’ Mode with Any Webcam by Brett

If you’ve experienced the new ‘High Quality’ video mode Skype has introduced in their latest versions, then you have no doubt been impressed. Chances are also good yourself or the person on the other end of your call bought a new Logitech 2 Megapixel camera to get this new 640x480 video quality. Wait? Is that right? My 5 year old Quickcam supports 640x480- what gives?

Okay, so maybe you might not want to use that old Quickcam, but at the very least, I own tons of Logitech 1.3MP cameras and I have a super-duper CPU- I want HQ!

Fear not. It can be had and you don’t even have to mess around with editing your configuration files manually thanks to the fine folks at Nodewave.

screenshot-main screenshot-config

Simply download the software and follow the instructions listed on the page and you’ll be up and running in no time. Even better, it’s WTFPL licensed software. Rock on guys, you are my hero.

skypehq wait

Just from my personal experience installing the required .Net files here, this part takes some time. Don’t be alarmed that it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Just give it a few minutes, it’ll finish.

I don’t have anything against the new 2MP cameras like the Logitech Orbit AF- fact is they are great cameras. I would suggest picking one up next time you are in the market for a webcam, but I wouldn’t go out and buy one just to get a resolution my camera already supports.


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