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Salt and Vinegar by William


So, I was in the chip isle over at the soooper market, and I decided to grab some of my fav chips. Cape Cod - Sea Salt and Vinegar. I really dig the kettle-cooked style chip. They have a good snap, and generally are a bit thicker and their grease content seems … better to me. More licking of the salt off my fingers instead of wiping off the left over oil.


Well, I ran into a problem. Meijer advertising caught my eye. I'm a sucker for blue products. This one is one of my fav shades of blue! We ran into another problem here too, I wanted to stick the new chips on the left here and the text on the right, but it didn't work so hot. so this is what you get. heh. I could probably pimp out some tables and all that, but. Were going for the content here, not the game, content, were talking bout content. Which is what we are comparing! I decided to grab these chips, they had all the right things on the lable; Kettle Cooked, which is so bravely displayed, and salt and vinegar. The only bummer is it wasn't sea salt like the cape cod chips, which I remind you again, are my favorite.

Having ate before I purchased the chips, and then ate again when I got home, I didn't bust into either of these bags till the next day when I decided I had to see what the Meijer brand chips were all about. They had crunch, they had salt, they had vinegar, they were kettle cooked, everything their label had dragged me to them. They were delicious.


I managed to get a picture too. The hockey game was good with the chips. Unfortunately, the whole bag disappeared somehow. This cup of coffee really isn't that great. Blah. Anywho. These chips seemed a bit more thick then the cape cod chips. They had a bit more crunch then the cape cod as well. Almost to hard. They disappeared though, like I said, in one setting. I kind of screwed up there, I couldn't sit down and compare them to each other.


Then came the Cape Cod chips. Yes, it is the same picture. I am a little low on photo content on this article, so I'm just doubling up. These buggers had a partner in crime this night. We were watching the Wings play, so it was brewski time.


I was enjoying a great Keystone Light tonight with my Cape Cod chips, which also disappeared in one setting. You can always taste the great salt purity of the sea salt in the Cape Cod chips, they really touch me in my mouth, make it water, and I washed it down with the great taste of Keystone Light. (Yes, I want you to send me cases of beer Coors brewing company!) Oh, I should probably inform you that the "Wings" I'm referring to are our Detroit Red Wings, Michigan's NHL Hockey team, and defending Stanley Cup Champions. Booya! Actually, they lost in overtime this night against the Dallas Stars. It was a great game! Keystone Light drinkin, Cape Cod eatin worthy!

If you really like Cape Cod salt and vinegar chips like I do, the Meijer brand chips are quite comparable. I will not declare a winner because I really liked the new chips. They just didn't have sea salt, which made more of a generic taste compared to the Cape Cod chips. I imagine that the Meijer chips were cheaper as well. I just found the recipt! 3.29$ for the Cape Cod chips, and on sale I got the Meijer's chips which were 2.49, for 1.89. Cheep! You can almost buy 2 bags for the price of 1 Cape Cod bag! While if quantity is your goal, I guess this is a good thing. But Meijer's needs to step up the salt to sea salt to get rid of that generic salt and vinegar taste the chips have. Think of a salt and vinegar Lays, but just kettle cooked with a better quality potato and thicker. Same taste. Well I guess I'll declare a winner. I just kinda typed out how I felt, and it appears that Cape Cod is still my fav for Salt and Vinegar chips! I am sure I will purchase the Meijer's brand chips again though, they are still good chips.

Until next time, keep your stick on the ice.


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